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Optical windows made of high quality glass

Optical windows are flat, plane-parallel components used in technical optical applications. They often serve as protective glasses for electronic sensors in industry and monitoring systems. In any case, it is crucial for such applications that optical distortions are minimised and the imaging quality is high. For this reason, it is essential to use high-quality and pure base materials for the manufacture of optical windows.

In order to meet the different technical requirements, special flatness and surface quality are targeted when polishing the optical windows. Of course, shape and a variety of possible coatings also play a determining role.

Optik+ offers optical windows in all common glass types, also with anti-reflective and laser coatings on request. Choose from our standard optics or let us develop individual optical windows according to your specifications.


Dimensions: from 5mm
Cleanliness: up to scratch dig 10-5 possible
Flatness: up to λ/20
Parallelism: up to 30 arcsec

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