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Prisms Individual optical prisms

Optical prisms are transparent elements with a flat polished surface and are used to deflect or reflect or scatter light. The incident light is thus either split into its components or deflected or reversed. Such deflecting prisms are used in optics, preferably in binoculars and reflex cameras. How exactly the light is deflected depends on the direction of the incident light, the shape of the prism and its optical properties.

When light enters the prism, it is reflected at one or more interfaces or refracted on its way through a particular substrate. A rectangular prism, for example, reflects the incoming light at a boundary surface and redirects it at an angle of 90°. In a wedge prism, for example, the given angle of incidence causes the light to be deflected by refraction.

Prisms are often used in optical systems to avoid the costly and space-consuming installation of multiple mirrors. They have a high thermal resistance and allow total internal reflection without loss of light.

Optik+ offers you various optical prisms in numerous designs with different substrates or coatings. You will receive prisms from us exactly according to your requirements, for example right-angled prisms, roof prisms, Abbe-König prisms, Porro prisms, penta prisms, wedge prisms and retroreflectors.


Dimensions: from 5mm up to 3", other sizes on request.
Cleanliness: up to scratch dig 10-5 possible
Flatness: up to λ/10

Angular accuracy: up to 10 arcsec

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