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Optical filters For diverse applications

Optical filters are used in optical or lighting systems where their task is essentially to transmit or filter out certain wavelength ranges. They are usually specially coated filters intended for a fixed angle of incidence.

For use, for example, in image processing, microscopy and spectroscopy as well as in lighting, manufacturers must rely on the utmost care in filter production. The requirements are high: with optical filters, it is particularly important that they have good spectral properties, excellent environmental resistance and a long service life.

Optik+ offers you various optical filters for numerous individual applications. Among the most requested are bandpass filters or bandpass interference filters, notch filters as well as dichroic and coloured glass filters.


Dimensions: on request
Cleanliness: up to Scratch-Dig 20-10 possible
Flatness: up to λ/10
Parallelism: up to 30 arcsec

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