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Mirror Optical mirrors made to measure

Optical mirrors are used to reflect light and are used in a wide variety of applications such as beam steering or lighting. The industries that use optical mirrors are equally diverse, including astronomy, metrology, cinema technology and solar technology.

Plane mirrors are used wherever the redirection of light has to be as precise as possible - especially in optical experiments. Concave mirrors, on the other hand, are needed where the light generally needs to be focused on a single point.

In the production of all optical mirrors, it is very important that they have good optical flatness and surface quality. The perfect application of the optically effective coating plays a particularly important role here.

Optik+ offers you both spherical mirrors and plane mirrors. When it comes to coating, we are guided entirely by your wishes and requirements for the highest possible reflectivity in specific light wave ranges.

Size: from 2mm
Cleanliness: up to scratch dig 10-5
Flatness: up to λ/20

RMS <0.5nm

Parallelism: <30" angular seconds

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