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Laser optics Laser optics for the highest requirements

Laser optics are used in various laser applications or laser devices, where they provide beam guidance or material processing, for example. Due to their usually special materials or coatings, laser optics have special optimised properties that clearly distinguish them from "normal" optics.

Whenever working with lasers, it is important for the optics used to have a high damage threshold that is ideally matched exactly to the laser in question. A destruction threshold that is too low and does not match the laser almost automatically leads to the destruction of the laser optics.

Optik+ offers you laser lenses as well as laser mirrors for a wide range of laser applications. Thanks to our extensive experience, we have the necessary knowledge and technology for optimal polishing and coating.


Dimensions: 2 mm - 120 mm
Cleanliness: up to Scratch-Dig 10-5
Flatness: up to λ/10

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