Measuring service

Measuring service for optical lenses, prisms and flat surfaces

For accurate surface measuring for your optical lenses, prisms and flat surfaces, we offer a measuring service using state-of-the-art technology.

We measure all relevant parameters, such as the radius, PV values and focal length, all the way to tilt errors. In the case of prisms we can also measure the deflection in arc seconds and the flatness. In the case of flat surfaces, we are able to measure especially flat radii of up to r = 10.000 mm.

We work with one of the largest interferometers on the market: the OWI 150 XT, using modern μShape software from the company TRIOPTICS. This allows us to offer a variety of evaluation possibilities also pursuant to ISO 10110-5.

In order to measure the tilt error, we use the AZP 2 HP in conjunction with the software COMEF from OEG. The measuring accuracy is 30 arc seconds.

The measuring tools we use ensure reliable readings of up to λ/20. Your measuring substrates can be either coated or non-coated and should have a diameter of at least 3 mm. Depending on the lens diameter and the radius, we can measure either certain areas or the entire surface.

We also provide you with an extensive record of all data for everything we measure, either as a PDF file or in paper form.

In urgent cases, we also offer a 24-hour measuring service. Just contact us directly.