Illumination optics

Our products in the fields of illumination technology – your plus in terms of quality

We are suppliers for many leading manufacturers in the field of illumination optics. Our products can be used for a wide range of different lighting applications. At Optik+, you can choose from various standard optics, or let us develop specific product concepts just for you.

Thanks to our extremely precise machines, our experienced employees are able to tackle almost any challenge in the field of illumination optics, delivering customer satisfaction every time. Our clients know that we are fast, reliable and innovative partners. Place the development and production of your prototype, as well as large and small-scale production in our very capable hands.

Press glass:

  • Domes
  • Rounded discs
  • Reflectors
  • Diffusion discs
  • Integrator plates
  • Cover plates
  • Prism plates
  • Lighting glasses

Materials: Float glass, borofloat glass, lime sodium glass, borosilicate glass
Measurements: available on request

Fresnel lenses:
Material: Borosilicate glass, PMMA
Diameter: 10 mm - 300 mm
Focal length: available on request

Glass tubes:
Materials: Duran, B270
Diameter: 10 mm - 200 mm
Length: max. 1500 mm

Glass rods:
Material: B270
Diameter: 5 mm - 50 mm
Length: max. 1000 mm

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